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27 May 2016

Get those complicated diatomics ready

One of the most innocous-looking but extremely complex molecules on the ExoMol radar are open-shell diatomics. Study of these systems will a large number of coupled electronic states has just been made a lot easier and more accurate with the release of the ExoMol-written program Duo. Check out the pre-print at http://arxiv.org/abs/1601.06531

Contact us for help with the program!

25 May 2016

35 year old spectra yields hidden gems for ammonia spectroscopy.

Emma Barton leads a new publication http://arxiv.org/abs/1605.02511 assigning new spectral lines in the 35 year old Kitt Peak room temperature spectra! 2474 lines are assigned to 21 bands providing 1692 experimental energies in the range 7000 - 9000 cm-1. The spectrum was assigned by the joint use of the BYTe variational line list and combination differences.

19 May 2016

Understanding the complexity of transition metal diatomics

Transition metal diatomic species, like TiO, VO, CrH, TiH, NiH, FeH and FeO, can be extremely important in astrophysical environments. However, their electronic spectroscopy is extremely complicated due to the large number of low-lying electronic states. Ab-initio calculations of the spectroscopy of these molecules must be used with caution and an understanding of the likely errors for different properties. See the recent review by ExoMol on the topic at http://arxiv.org/abs/1605.02301!

13 May 2016

ExoMol data has new applications!

ExoMol line list data has been used to calculate radiative lifetimes and cooling functions in http://arxiv.org/abs/1601.07997!

10 May 2016

Jonathan on the BBC!

Jonathan Tennyson was interviewed for the BBC (from 1:09) about Kepler's discovery of over 100 Earth-sized exoplanets.

07 Apr 2016

The ExoMol data format is getting an update.

Check out the preprint of our new database paper at http://arxiv.org/abs/1603.05890

Includes lifetimes, some pressure broadening coefficients and more!

Data is gradually being added to ExoMol website.

07 Apr 2016

VOMYT Line List

Line list construction can be difficult and can even make you VOMYT; at least if it is for VO and created by McKemmish, Yurchenko and Tennyson. Manuscript describing the line list is in preparation and can be sent upon request to laura.mckemmish@gmail.com!

Next giant leap for line-list kind: TiO. Yes it is coming. We even have school kids working on it!

06 Apr 2016

Can you explain your thesis to kids?

Participate in #Childspeakyourphd from The Guardian and translate your PhD thesis title into one that children would understand. Click here to see Dr. Clara Sousa-Silva's contribution.

16 Mar 2016

Life found on the moon

Evidence of life on the moon revealed by NASA today.

10 Mar 2016

Twinkle Stand at Your Universe

ExoMol members at the Twinkle Stand at Your Universe, University College London Thursday 10th March to Saturday 12th March 2016.

01 Mar 2016

Linelist for CaO available!

ExoMol has produced the VBATHY linelist for CaO, considering 5 electronic states and valid up to 5000K. Check out the paper at http://arxiv.org/abs/1512.08987 and check out the linelist at http://theoryserv2.phys.ucl.ac.uk/data/molecules/CaO/40Ca-16O/VBATHY/!

26 Feb 2016

Too Young For Research?

Members of ExoMol are currently working together with Students from Highams Park School as part of the latest EduTwinkle programme: ORBYTS at Highams Park

19 Feb 2016

The new ExoMol website is here!

This is the new, improved ExoMol website. Enjoy!

16 Feb 2016

ExoMol line lists used to analyse the atmosphere of 55 Cancri e

ExoMol line lists have been used to analyse the atmosphere of 55 Cancri e in research to be published in The Astrophysical Journal and publicised in the national media: BBC | Daily Mail | Ars Technica.

04 Jan 2016

Interview with ExoMol's Alec Owens in The Guardian

Alec from ExoMol talks about life as a PhD student: My PhD takes me into a world of space molecules and alien fart jokes.

30 Aug 2015

ExoMol Conference Presentations available online

Go here for the ExoMol conference presentations.

26 Jul 2015

ExoMol Conference 2015

Very successful ExoMol conference finished today 26th July 2015.